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In our studio we know what to do in order to show more clearly your beautiful features and hide those that must stay hidden. With our services you will look great - exactly as you should.

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You can find our beauty studio at 12 Phrabaramee Soi 7, Kathu, Patong, Phuket 83150, Thailand
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Choose the right diet

When trying to lose weight people very often make the same mistake – they choose a diet that is supposed to be working very well and to give satisfying results to many people without thinking if it actually is appropriate for their own organism. This means that even if they strictly follow the diet and do all the things that are expected of them they will still fail to lose the extra pounds. The reason for all that is that people’s bodies are very different from each other and what is good for one may be bad for another.

That’s why it is very important to see a doctor, a consultant or a specialist in weight loss so that he can make a special program designed especially for you. Thus you can be sure that the efforts you will have to make will be much less than choosing a random diet because this one will be much more effective.

The same thing may be said about trying being beautiful and attractive – some people wear specific kinds of clothes, use different hairstyles and beauty products, etc. Sometimes these same things may not be very appropriate for us and may have exactly the opposite effect – make us look funny and ridiculous. People should be able to find their own style and be faithful to it without feeling the pressure from the other people. Everybody has to be unique and different than the rest.

Despite all that, when it comes to being slim and beautiful everybody wants the same thing. That’s why people are so crazy these days about diets and weight loss – it is necessary to be skinny in order to be to be considered as beautiful. You can find so much information on the Internet that it can actually make you paranoid about losing weight. But you must be very careful because once this has become an obsession it may have very dangerous side effects.

For example many girls have health problems due to starving. Others have problems with the skin due to all the chemicals they put on it. So whatever you do first make sure that it is appropriate for you and for your very organism.