Nowadays being beautiful means only being skinny. It does not matter what your personality is or how smart you are; it does not even matter what clothes or hairstyle you have – as long as you are slim. This is the only thing that society treasures now. We see skinny girls everywhere around us – on TV, in magazines, on pictures, on advertisements, on fashion shows, on the field, on the stage – they are everywhere we look. And this is not just a coincidence.

It’s just that today the most important thing you have to do in order to be liked by other people is staying skinny. If you are fat or even chubby then people will look differently at you. They will think of you as something bad and unworthy without even caring what kind of person you actually are.

The direction in which the society’s values change is very troubling indeed. People do not cherish the really beautiful things now. They only care about what is fashionable and stylish. It does not matter if it is actually pretty, if it is comfortable, if it is reliable or if it is worth the price as long as they have the approval of other people. And if being beautiful means having to starve all the time in order to stay skinny, then they are absolutely ready to do it. Sometimes they will even go way too far and start taking pills for weight loss and other things like that.

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What people fail to understand is that being slim is not a matter of fashion but a matter of staying healthy. Our bodies are made to be fit and we should maintain this process. In order to do that it is better to do a lot of exercise and to get only natural products for weight loss.

Only when your body is healthy and you feel good about yourself will you become truly beautiful. We just should resist the pressure that the media applies on us and do whatever we want in order to feel happy. Once we are happy then we are beautiful regardless of the way our body looks.

It is amazing how the concept of beauty has changed through the years. Humanity has always determined beauty according to its everyday needs. Therefore, women always had to follow the “fashion” and meet all the criteria and do all the things which are expected of them. This may sometimes mean being quiet and obedient; then it may mean being strong and warlike; after that – being able to give birth to lots of children; then it may be expected of the woman to be all feminine and beautiful; later probably the perfect woman is the one that is a hard and skilled worker, etc.

Life changes and women have to change along with it, too. But one thing remains the same throughout all these years – women will have to do whatever it is needed in order to be liked by men.

Nowadays what men like is slim and skinny girls. That’s why it is a huge mania for so many women across the world to lose weight and be fit. This, unfortunately, is never an easy job. Especially now that people have such unhealthy lives – they eat bad food, they are under a lot of stress, they do not have enough time or energy to train – all these things lead to a undesirable figure. This is not only a problem for the women – men are exactly the same.

It’s just that it is not considered so shameful to be fat, as it would be for a girl. This puts women in a very hard situation in which they will always have to try to be skinny, even though their bodies very clearly says that sometimes it is just not possible. They will constantly try different diets that not only are very unpleasant and torturing for them, but they rarely have the wanted effect and are very harmful for the organism.

Our bodies need a certain amount of food every day and the lack of such may lead to very dangerous consequences in the end. That’s why women should start spending more time loving them for who they are, rather than torturing their brain and their body by keeping diet and always trying to lose weight in order to be liked by someone else.

When trying to lose weight people very often make the same mistake – they choose a diet that is supposed to be working very well and to give satisfying results to many people without thinking if it actually is appropriate for their own organism. This means that even if they strictly follow the diet and do all the things that are expected of them they will still fail to lose the extra pounds. The reason for all that is that people’s bodies are very different from each other and what is good for one may be bad for another.

That’s why it is very important to see a doctor, a consultant or a specialist in weight loss so that he can make a special program designed especially for you. Thus you can be sure that the efforts you will have to make will be much less than choosing a random diet because this one will be much more effective.

The same thing may be said about trying being beautiful and attractive – some people wear specific kinds of clothes, use different hairstyles and beauty products, etc. Sometimes these same things may not be very appropriate for us and may have exactly the opposite effect – make us look funny and ridiculous. People should be able to find their own style and be faithful to it without feeling the pressure from the other people. Everybody has to be unique and different than the rest.

Despite all that, when it comes to being slim and beautiful everybody wants the same thing. That’s why people are so crazy these days about diets and weight loss – it is necessary to be skinny in order to be to be considered as beautiful. You can find so much information on the Internet that it can actually make you paranoid about losing weight. But you must be very careful because once this has become an obsession it may have very dangerous side effects.

For example many girls have health problems due to starving. Others have problems with the skin due to all the chemicals they put on it. So whatever you do first make sure that it is appropriate for you and for your very organism.

People on a budget who just want to work out at home without buying an expensive gym membership need to look into adjustable kettlebells and the workouts they can do. These workouts are efficient at burning calories and building muscles. Kettlebells come in various weights ranging from 4 kilograms to 50+ pounds. Beginners need to start with a weight that is comfortable to lift without straining. You can increase the weight as the muscles become stronger. Below are examples of exercises that novices can add to a workout routine.


Dead Lifts

Place the kettlebell on the floor lightly in front of the body. Feet should be slightly more than a shoulder-width apart. Turn the toes outward just slightly. Bend the knees and squat to grab a hold of the kettlebell with both hands. Slowly stand up with your upper-buttock muscles tightened and placed all your weight on your heels. The back needs to be straight with your chest up for your body to be in the proper position. Elbows inclined at this point with the kettlebell in front of your chest. Then, slowly reverse the movements to place it back onto the floor. Perform three sets of 10 reps of this exercise. This is an ideal training workout as it works your gluts, back, and hamstrings.


Around the World

Stand with back straight and your feet just beyond a shoulder-width apart. Hold the kettlebell in one hand with the contrary behind your body. Make a complete rotation each time. Switch directions and repeat. Perform two sets of 10 reps in each direction and then work up to 3 sets of 10 reps in each direction. Do not feel pressured to perform this exercise at a quick pace during your kettlebell workout. You can play it at a speed that is right for your strength and ability. This exercise will work the upper body and hips along with the arms.


Two-Arm Swing

Begin by placing your feet a bit further that a shoulder-width apart with your toes slightly out. The kettlebell should be on the floor right in front of your body. Squat to grasp the kettlebell firmly with both hands and keep arms loose. Push your hips back and decisively stand up placing your weight on your heels. Bend your knees slightly at this time and with support from your hips and back swing the kettlebell a few inches forward before pushing back between your legs. Bring the kettlebell forward until your arms are straight and parallel to the floor. Perform three sets of ten reps of this exercise for your workout. This will work your hips and lower back.


One-Arm Swings

One-arm swings are performed the same as two-arm swings are during your kettlebell workout except with one arm at a time. This places more pressures on the shoulder, so beginners need to remember this fact. Start with two sets of 10 reps on each arm before increasing three sets of 10 reps. This exercise will work your hips, lower back, and shoulders.

Once you have mastered these basic movements and are ready for a more serious workout, then you can try my 40-minute kettlebell routine. Once you can complete the entire routine without needing a break or having to put the kettlebell down then, you are ready to progress to a heavier weight.

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