The beauty through years

It is amazing how the concept of beauty has changed through the years. Humanity has always determined beauty according to its everyday needs. Therefore, women always had to follow the “fashion” and meet all the criteria and do all the things which are expected of them. This may sometimes mean being quiet and obedient; then it may mean being strong and warlike; after that – being able to give birth to lots of children; then it may be expected of the woman to be all feminine and beautiful; later probably the perfect woman is the one that is a hard and skilled worker, etc.

Life changes and women have to change along with it, too. But one thing remains the same throughout all these years – women will have to do whatever it is needed in order to be liked by men.

Nowadays what men like is slim and skinny girls. That’s why it is a huge mania for so many women across the world to lose weight and be fit. This, unfortunately, is never an easy job. Especially now that people have such unhealthy lives – they eat bad food, they are under a lot of stress, they do not have enough time or energy to train – all these things lead to a undesirable figure. This is not only a problem for the women – men are exactly the same.

It’s just that it is not considered so shameful to be fat, as it would be for a girl. This puts women in a very hard situation in which they will always have to try to be skinny, even though their bodies very clearly says that sometimes it is just not possible. They will constantly try different diets that not only are very unpleasant and torturing for them, but they rarely have the wanted effect and are very harmful for the organism.

Our bodies need a certain amount of food every day and the lack of such may lead to very dangerous consequences in the end. That’s why women should start spending more time loving them for who they are, rather than torturing their brain and their body by keeping diet and always trying to lose weight in order to be liked by someone else.