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In our studio we know what to do in order to show more clearly your beautiful features and hide those that must stay hidden. With our services you will look great - exactly as you should.

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You can find our beauty studio at 12 Phrabaramee Soi 7, Kathu, Patong, Phuket 83150, Thailand
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Wants to be beautiful? Get skinny!

Nowadays being beautiful means only being skinny. It does not matter what your personality is or how smart you are; it does not even matter what clothes or hairstyle you have – as long as you are slim. This is the only thing that society treasures now. We see skinny girls everywhere around us – on TV, in magazines, on pictures, on advertisements, on fashion shows, on the field, on the stage – they are everywhere we look. And this is not just a coincidence.

It’s just that today the most important thing you have to do in order to be liked by other people is staying skinny. If you are fat or even chubby then people will look differently at you. They will think of you as something bad and unworthy without even caring what kind of person you actually are.

The direction in which the society’s values change is very troubling indeed. People do not cherish the really beautiful things now. They only care about what is fashionable and stylish. It does not matter if it is actually pretty, if it is comfortable, if it is reliable or if it is worth the price as long as they have the approval of other people. And if being beautiful means having to starve all the time in order to stay skinny, then they are absolutely ready to do it. Sometimes they will even go way too far and start taking pills for weight loss and other things like that.

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What people fail to understand is that being slim is not a matter of fashion but a matter of staying healthy. Our bodies are made to be fit and we should maintain this process. In order to do that it is better to do a lot of exercise and to get only natural products for weight loss.

Only when your body is healthy and you feel good about yourself will you become truly beautiful. We just should resist the pressure that the media applies on us and do whatever we want in order to feel happy. Once we are happy then we are beautiful regardless of the way our body looks.